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Medical Weight Managment Program

Join one of our weight loss groups/packages and enjoy the new healthier you. Packages are tailored to your specific needs. Some include the following:


 Medical weight management is a process that allows a healthcare provider to prescribe medications and or supplements to aid in the weight loss process. We educate you on the behaviors and psychosocial, and physiological techniques that enable you to obtain and maintain a healthy weight. We pride ourselves in giving you the skills necessary that will transcend generations.


 During your consultation with our provider, we will discuss your weight loss goals, programs you may have tried in the past, and your chronic diseases if any. Our nurse practitioner will do a head-to-toe assessment. Labs will be drawn in the clinic during your initial visit to assess your unique metabolic needs. Results for lab work take 24-48 hours.

Once your labs come back you will return to discuss your unique weight loss program. You will receive the following:

    • access to a personal trainer
    • meal plan/ grocery list
    • exercise prescription
    • 2 weekly vitamin shots
    • FDA-approved weight loss prescription medications like Semaglutide and/or Naltrexone/Bupropion to increase your success on your journey.



 Medications utilized in the program are FDA approved for weight loss and management. Vitamin shots are curated by a local pharmacy and follow all regulatory guidelines. Some medications used in the program come with contraindications. These contraindications include medullary thyroid carcinoma, Pancreatitis, or allergic reaction to medication.


We recommend clients be in our program for at least 6 months. During that time frame, you will be supported and monitored closely. It is essential to change your mindset with food and understand your cravings. This will ensure your weight loss mindset is maintained after your graduation. However, this medication is safe to use long-term and can be included in your weight management maintenance plan.

The monthly membership starts at $99*. A six-month commitment is required.

*Price may vary based on the package and medication prescribed. The initial consultation is $499

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